Posted by Elizabeth Quinn
Introduction of Rotarian Sandra Harvey
Sandra was born in the East End of London and considers herself to be a true “cockney”. She emigrated in 1980 with her young family. Sandra has two daughters and 5 grandchildren.
Her career spans nearly 30 years in the community sector and before that she was studying accountancy. Working for a large church organisation she took up positions in both youth work and housing. She has 15 years management experience in housing and homelessness and her roles have expanded to managing other areas such as licensed residential care, disability, domestic violence, drug court program and mental health housing programs.
A key achievement for Sandra was when she won a  key tender with Brisbane Housing Company , Department of Housing and Brisbane City Council of 70 units of accommodation – the first complex for affordable housing in Bowen Hills.
Sandra has been able to use all this experience in her current role as Manager of the Laidley Community Centre where she feels she is a “jack of all trades”. With between 800 and 1000 clients each month this is a very busy centre.
Sandra was also treasurer of Hospice many years ago when it operated out of Roderick Street in a small house and remembers her very first overnight patient that she cared for in the house as a volunteer carer, she was also involved in the early stages of the building of Hospice now in Chermside/Robertson Road. 
Sandra likes adventure and has jumped out of a plane (with parachute)  and  also  taken flying lessons at Archerfield however  chickened out when she had to go solo…… and never went back!!!