Over 30 years ago, Rotary made a promise to the world to eradicate polio.
When we get there, it will be only the second time that a disease affecting humans has been eradicated.
Now we're on the brink of history, thanks to the support of partners like the Gates Foundation.

Let's drop to zero Learn more at www.endpolio.org

Shelter Box, Rotary International partner with C&W Foundation


C&W Communications, a Liberty Global company, announced yesterday that ShelterBox and Rotary International will be partnering with the newly formed Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation to execute immediate relief and recovery activities in the countries affected by Hurricanes Irma and Maria.

ShelterBox, an international disaster relief charity specialising in providing emergency shelter for vulnerable families who have lost everything after natural disasters and conflicts, and Rotary International, a global network of 1.2 million neighbours, friends, leaders, and problem-solvers who come together to make positive, lasting change in communities across the globe, will use the foundation's funding to continue and accelerate efforts to improve conditions on the ground in impacted territories.

According to a release from the company, the partnerships follow the recent announcement of C&W to establish a regional foundation with initial funding of US$500,000 to focus on urgent humanitarian relief and eventually broader recovery efforts in Anguilla, Antigua, the British Virgin Islands, Dominica, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and the Turks & Caicos Islands.

Speaking on the new alliance, Chris Warham, chief executive of ShelterBox, said: “At ShelterBox, we are impatient to help the most vulnerable families who have lost everything in the devastation caused by Hurricanes Irma and Maria. Our partnership with Cable & Wireless will play a vital role in ensuring that we can provide essential emergency shelter and tools to the worst-affected communities, giving families the hope and power to recover and begin the journey of rebuilding their lives.”

Among the specially sourced equipment packed into its distinctive green boxes, ShelterBox also provides tents tested in extreme weather, solar lighting for when power is down, water filtration to combat disease, and items to keep families warm and able to cook together. The charity also distributes kits to help people repair their damaged properties, clear ground, and to waterproof roofs.

Rotary International is no stranger to the region as it spans 29 countries and 37 islands in the Caribbean. Through community projects, the organisation has helped to solve real problems with commitment and vision.

According to the release, Rotary members use their passion, energy, and intelligence to take action on sustainable projects. In this instance, Rotary is bringing its members together from across the Caribbean to help roll out programmes to address both immediate relief efforts as well as longer-term recovery initiatives.

“We want to thank Cable & Wireless for its commitment and funding drive across the region,” said Jeremy Hurst, chairman of Rotary International District 7020's Hurricane Relief and Recovery Committee.

Cable & Wireless, meanwhile, said it will continue to expand its partner network as the region's rebuild and recovery needs are developed. Initial efforts will focus on support that gives people and communities that have lost homes, livelihoods and even family, the practical aid, hope, and support to help rebuild their lives. “Rebuilding and recovery from these devastating hurricanes are going to take a concerted and coordinated effort from all of those who can help,” said John Reid, CEO of Cable & Wireless. “We're thrilled that ShelterBox and Rotary, with their expertise and passion for relief deployment, have joined as inaugural partners of the Cable & Wireless Charitable Foundation. The aim of the foundation is to make an immediate difference in the lives of those affected by disaster, and with Shelter Box.

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Rotary Bowelscan Program

This is a Rotary program developed in 1982 in New South Wales and now conducted by Rotary Clubs across Australia.
Bowelscan is primarily a public awareness program seeking to increase community knowledge of bowel cancer and its symptoms as well as making available to the public, faecal occult blood testing kits at an affordable price to facilitate early diagnosis.
Therefore, the aims of the Bowelscan program are to:
•Enhance public awareness through all available media channels of the need of bowel cancer screening for every adult every year, particularly those over the age of 40.
•Provide public access via over-the-counter pharmacy sales or on-line sales through dedicated websites, to affordable faecal occult blood testing kits, including the pathology testing of those kits, on an annual basis.
Bowelscan is a not-for-profit initiative which depends for its effectiveness and success on the voluntary support of a large number of pharmacies, pathology laboratories (in Queensland, Sullivan Nicolaides Pathology) and the participating Rotary Club members.
To maximise the effectiveness of this program, all Rotary Clubs are encouraged to participate, and to find out how this can best be done in District 9630, contact the District 9630 Bowelscan Committee Chairman Elvin Robb at: bowelscan1@rotary9630.org
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Since ROMAC began in 1988, we have treated over 350 deserving and underprivileged children. Over the next few years, only with your help, we will change and save the lives of many, many more.


Five year old Rex and his mother Karen live in the Papua New Guinea Highlands, a 10 hour bus ride from the nearest town. Like so many who live what we would consider a primitive life, because of his deformity Rex was ostracized so couldn’t attend school.

They were met by members of the Rotary Club of Henley Beach and his carer, Anthony Masson, when they arrived in Adelaide for treatment for an encephalocele (herniated brain).  Like so many of ROMAC’s children’s parents, Karen had no idea of how to use money or even how to shop ’big city’ style  

Rex was operated on by Dr. Mark Moore at the Women's and Children's Hospital, made a very quick recovery and within two weeks he was organizing miniature games of Rugby Union in the corridors and enjoying outings to the zoo and stroking kangaroos. When he visited Henley Beach his eyes lit up when he saw sand and water for the first time!  It was  a highlight for him.

Central Region’s Oleh Bilyk said “We are much richer for Rex's time here. Both he and his mother have added another dimension and understanding to our lives. It was so satisfying to see him have a new life ahead. Even better,” he added, “Rex will now be able to live a normal life and even fulfil his dream of going to school like the other children.”



Caring for a ROMAC Child and Parent/Guardian is a rewarding and satisfying family experience.


Since ROMAC began in 1988, we have treated hundreds deserving and underprivileged children. Only with your help, we will change and save the lives of many, many more. We rely on donations and philanthropic support. Your donation goes directly to the aid of kids in need. Donations made in Australia are tax deductible. Donate online via our secure server, make a bequest, or send a donation by mail or fax.


Including a gift to ROMAC in your Will is a lasting and meaningful way of helping to change and often save the lives of underprivileged and deserving children through the ROMAC program.


ROMAC is always looking for volunteers ..........


ROMAC has been supported by many generous corporate and personal sponsorships since its inception ...


Patients are referred to ROMAC through many different sources - Rotarians or friends-of-Rotary on holiday or projects overseas, other community service organisations, medical professionals on holiday or projects overseas and many others ...


A specific fundraiser for ROMAC for Rotary Clubs including regions or cluster groups, community groups or any other organisation is a wonderful way to ensure the important work of ROMAC is allowed to continue ...


So your Rotary Club is going to host a patient ......


Polio Update
Dr. Rebecca Martin,
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

ShelterBox Working With Rotary to Help Landslide-Affected Families in Sri Lanka

Torrential rain in Sri Lanka


On 14th May a low pressure area over the Bay of Bengal caused torrential rain to fall across Sri Lanka. With the ground saturated, further rains cased major landslides 18th May, displacing hundreds of families. Following consultation with local authorities and Rotary contacts, a ShelterBox Response Team (SRT) was sent to assess the need for emergency shelter.
Response Team members Liam Norris (UK) and Derek Locke (USA) are coordinating with the disaster management agency and the military to set up camps for displaced families. 328 ShelterBoxes have arrived in the country and the team are conducting ‘train the trainer’ sessions with the Sri Lankan army to erect relief tents in the camps.
SRT volunteer, Derek Locke (USA) instructs Sri Lanakan soldiers on erecting a ShelterBox tent
SRT volunteer, Derek Locke (USA) instructs Sri Lankan soldiers on erecting a ShelterBox tent

ShelterBox has previously worked in Sri Lanka in response to the Asian Tsunami in 2004 and the Tamil Refugee Crisis of 2009. On both occasions, the involvement of local Rotarians was essential to the success of the deployment. The same is true this time round.



The help of Rotarian, Supem De Silva and his colleagues has once again been invaluable. SRT member Derek Locke, himself a Rotarian, said,

‘Supem worked with ShelterBox in 2009 and is a dedicated Rotarian and humanitarian. Supem and indeed all of the Rotarians we have met here have gone above and beyond to help us facilitate and organise the distribution of aid to people who have either lost everything under the landslides, or are unable to return to their homes due to the risk of further tragedy. I think it is fair to say that without their help ShelterBox would be hard pushed to achieve a successful deployment of aid to the affected peopleSupem  of Sri Lanka. The relationship that we have with the Rotarians here and their selfless willingness to help us in any way they can is a positive example of a model of partnership between ShelterBox and Rotary.’

Stephanie Rodrigo, Past President of the Rotary Club of Capital City, Colombo concurred,

We have appreciated all the support given  by your great organisation, ShelterBox, in our need in 2009 and now. We Rotarians and your organisation has a very special bond. Our members are committed to serving during any disaster alongside ShelterBox to help the people of Sri Lanka

You can help families affected by disaster by donating here: PLEASE DONATE


Rotarian and ShelterBox supporter, Supem De Silva with a Sri Lankan army officerRotarian and ShelterBox supporter, Supem De Silva with  a Sri Lankan army officer


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